Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Digital Illustrations

From the 1st semester of Year 2 in Digital Animation (Fall-Winter, 2010)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poses with George

I have used a few select Life Drawing poses to incorporate George in. You'll notice that George's poses show exaggeration, not only with the obvious example of body part proportions, but with the poses themselves as well.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Drawing Works

Below is a selection of drawings created using poses, as demonstrated by our models, in Life Drawing class throughout the two years in the Digital Animation program.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sam's Cool Cartoons

Below is a demo-reel I've created, with the music I composed myself. In this demo-reel are some excerpts from a series of animated shorts I have created, featuring my comicstrip duo, George & Bob. The duo have been the faces of my comicstrips for many years, as I have posted daily 6-panel comicstrips in the lobby at the middleschool and highschool that I have attended in Lunenburg County. The shorts mostly consist of lipsync, a vital element in animation that I have become interested in since I first entered the program, Digital Animation. The demo reel is still in a rough form, but will be cleaned up and edited during the week.
Note: Any videos marked with a # represent the date the video was first posted online. The videos marked with a * represent the date of completion.
Sam Meisner's Demo Reel (as of April 6, 2011)*

Sam's Flash Test (Completed March 11, 2011) *

Sam's Animations (Samanimations) From Class in Fall of 2010

For most of the assignments completed last fall, I have used one of the characters from my animated shorts, Bob Hitherton

Bob Hitherton's Run & Jump (October 7, 2010) *

Bob Hitherton's Dance (Action Analysis #2) (November 20, 2010) #

George & Bob: The Donut (Lipsync) (December 15, 2010) *

Sam's Animations (Samanimations) from the 2009-2010 year (1st year of studies)

Animal Walk Cycle (Walk Cycle #3) (February 23, 2010) *

In my first year of studies, I have taken a break from working with my comicstrip duo, George & Bob, and the reason was simple. After drawing daily comics from the beginning of the eighth grade up until graduation, I felt like it was time to take a break. In the meantime, I created a makeshift character whom I'd later name Lionel Skye. Lionel would appear in most of my animations from my first year of Digital Animation.

Action Analysis #1 with Lionel Skye (March 29, 2010) *

Jazzercise (December 14, 2009) *

'Breathless' (May 26, 2010) *
'Breathless' was an animated music video I created for a client who is a teacher from the highschool I graduated from. The highschool had a record label known as 'Falcon Records', named after the Forest Heights Falcons team. For the capstone project, I agreed to animate a music video for a song that two fellow students had recently finished recording and mixing. Falcon Records would release a compilation annually, and this music video appears on the 2010 compilation .

George: The Animated Shorts series
Situated below are all of the animated shorts I have created, featuring the comicstrip duo, George & Bob

George: Episode 1 - A Lesson On Responsible Consumption (September 5, 2010) *#

George: Episode 2 - Forgetful Censorship (September 12, 2010) *#

George: Episode 3 - A KBC News Special Report (October 27, 2010) *#
The idea for this short was originally used in a daily comicstrip I posted in school back in February, 2009.

George: Episode 4 - The Notorious Episode 4 (December 25, 2010) *#
The goal for episode 4 was to experiment and create something completely avant-garde and radically different from all of the other shorts. Initially, it had been the goal for episode 3, but it didn't reach fruition at the time. The short (as hard as it may be to recognize by viewers) was meant as an avant-garde expression of anger, self-destruction, insanity and insecurity. Knowing that people may become disillusioned by it all, I quickly went to work on episode 5 soon after the completion of this piece.

George: Episode 5 - The New Years Resolution (January 1, 2011) #

The idea for this short had been originally used in a daily George comicstrip that I posted in school back in April, 2009.